County Assessment Officers Association

President Patty Brough Marion County
1st Vice President Josh Tanner Macon County
2nd Vice President Melinda Clark Henderson County
Secretary Jennifer Gomric-Minton St. Clair County
Treasurer Tammy Camp McDonough County
Asst. Treasurer Jeffery Robinson Williamson County

Executive Committee
Past President Larry Wilson Rock Island County
Area I Stephanie Kennedy LaSalle County
Area II Gary Twist Tazewell County
Area III Robert Yergler Iroquois County
Area IV Pam Braun Effingham County
Area V Mark Becker Hamilton County
Cook County Joseph Berrios Cook County

Area Chair
Area I Robert Ross McHenry County
Area II Chris Gray Knox County
Area III Chad Coady Christian County
Area IV Hope Weber Crawford County
Area V Sheila Schnepper Edwards County

Note: Area Chairmen are also members of the Executive Committee

Nominating Committee
3rd Past President Lindi Kernan Henry County
2nd Past President Robert Kahman McLean County
Past President Cindi Lotz Fayette County

Legislative and Policy Committee
Chairman Area I Mark Armstrong Kane County
Area II David Ryan Peoria County
Area III Josh Tanner Macon County
Area IV Ashley Keach Cumberland County
Area V Jeffrey Robinson Williamson County

PAC Committee
Chairman Linda Kendall LaSalle County
Treasurer Steve Turpin Clark County
Vice Chairman Paula Bates Piatt County
Secretary Vacant
Democratic Advisor Jeffrey Robinson Williamson County
Republican Advisor Craig Dovel DuPage County

IPAI Representatives
Larry Wilson Rock Island County
Robert Yergler Iroquois County

Oil and Coal Committee
Chairman Mark Becker
Shirley Walters Wayne County
Cindy Humm Franklin County
Patty Brough Marion County
Lee Ann Crunk Jefferson County